Broken Key Extraction

There are several reasons that can cause a key to get stuck or break off inside a lock, including a bent key or cracked key, wrong key, corrosion in the lock, and a worn lock or misaligned lock.  Even you have a backup key on hand; you will need to remove the broken key part from the cylinder first before you can operate the lock again.  Avoid attempting to remove the broken key without the required knowledge and tools as odds are high that you may end up damaging the internal components of the lock that may require more costly repairs in the future or a premature lock replacement.

At Park Locksmith, we have the necessary experience and expertise to extract broken and stuck keys from virtually every type of key-operated lock including deadbolts, drop bolts, mortise locks, level handle locks, rim-cylinder locks, and padlocks.  Whether you have broken your front door key inside the lock or your mailbox key is stuck on your mailbox, we can be of your assistance. We have access to the most advanced key extraction tools that allow us to carefully pull out even the smallest parts of a broken key from a lock without compromising its integrity and functionality. Once the key is successfully extracted, we assess the lock and make any repairs and provide the necessary solution for the new key on the spot.

Broken Key Extraction

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Broken Key Services

Broken Key Removal Services Huntington Park

Our technicians can.

  • Remove a Broken Key From a Door Lock
  • Remove a Broken Key from Car Lock
  • Remove a Broken Key From An Ignition Lock
  • Extract a Broken Key from a Car Trunk Lock
  • Remove a Broken Key from File Cabinet
  • Remove a Broken Key from Safe Lock
  • Remove a Broken Key from Mailbox

 Key Stuck in Lock –Emergency Broken Key Extraction Services

A key getting stuck or broken inside a lock can be far beyond frustrating when it leaves you experiencing a lockout situation at an inconvenient time. That’s why our technicians are on standby 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help those in need of our services.

No matter it is 2:00 am or 2:00 pm, when you reach out to us, one of our technicians will come up with all the necessary tools to remove the broken key parts lodged in the cylinder and help you regain access to the lock.

Key stuck in lock Services